Quality time is focused attention giving your child positive attention. Take the example of a child named Sarah who would make her feel loved by her mother so much that her mother brought her a gift, bribes to say kind words to her but the mother cared for her without hesitation, which means that when the child’s emotional tank is empty something can fill that tank with nothing but it is the only thing that can help a child achieve his or her needs.

That’s why quality and purposeful time means taking care of your child without delay. In these languages, the two easiest things to give the best time are: – Physically touch – words of affirmation So it’s a good time to send a message saying: “You are very important to me. I like to be with you.” This makes the child feel loved and cared for by all of his or her parents. Although it is difficult to find time to be alone with each child, and yet it is important.

But it is necessary. The key to quality time is found in culture, especially when you, as a parent, are committed to valuing and implementing it in your home. Most facial expressions should be happy and loving. Don’t let the love of a child be controlled by the child’s immediate gratification, the child should be deprived of love no matter what, in any case regardless of the child’s behavior or anything else. whatever.

So a quality time will not only do practical things but also help you get to know your child better, Children do not need conversations with parents and other adults. With so-called emotional and life-changing ideas, many young people today may not feel that their behavior is related to their emotions.

Because few of them understand their feelings, they now lack the key to controlling their behavior, to reduce and prevent health problems, to have warmer years, to sleep better, to talk more calmly, to have more freedom to share their feelings, not to be a victim of that, because of that. right now because many of these seemingly simple things in the long run will benefit your children forever.

Mealtimes are a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Planning a good time requires more than adding a day or hour to your calendar. Scheduling time together also means preparing for yourself. What are the consequences of restoring peace?
You will be able to provide your family with the necessities.

Be blessed!

Nibintije Evangelical Ministries International (NEMI)

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