By Rev./Ev. Eustache
Everyone has their own way of describing victory and victory for themselves, but most of all victory is found in being a man of God and then obeying God in his direction and in the way he leads us. Where we see success as Christians those of us in Christ Jesus.
True or false people cannot be successful in the ways of God when they remove them from their life of the Spirit, including godly qualities, contentment, and obedience to the commandments of God and how they are go about their daily lives.
Everyone, from start to finish, always has strong inner desires:
. Peace of mind
. Joy
. Satisfaction
. Good health and freedom
. Feelings of spiritual security
. The hope of eternal life
. Love of family
. Full communion with the God
What’s the most important question you can ask yourself about your success? what can I do today to change my story?
Victory always follows us. It’s up to you to refuse to go out of your way and be discouraged for yourself, and go against God’s purpose in your life. Is God really against it?
A.God is opposed to trying to live your life and ignoring it
B.God opposes your attempt to be something that you can never separate from God   w
e grow in the peace of God and in our ability to stay in him with the certainty that nothing can separate us from him and his love.
The outer traps that can hinder success cannot last or last while one is in them. The works are done in the power of the individual and, for his purpose, last as long as he wants. He is determined to support us almost halfway through our success.

God bless you!

Nibintije Evangelical Ministries International (NEMI)

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