NIBINTIJE @US: By Rev./Ev. Eustache

In your journey to success, you must make a commitment to achieve God-given goals and then walk in God’s way according to God’s purposes.  Believe it or not, any goal you set for yourself should be clear enough to be clear and concise.  In fact, what strengthened David was the reward that would come from the King of Kings.  The goal of God that you must follow is the goal that you can talk about easily is it the one that makes you the person God wants you to be so if you see that God is not helping you achieve your goal, you will know that this is not the goal God has helped you to be successful.

 The example that we begin to follow of God’s purpose manifests itself in the deep urgency, enthusiasm, energy, and joy that you use to achieve that purpose.  Your confidence in the pursuit of God’s purpose should be rooted in the following:
 A. Your relationship with God
 B. Yourself
 C. Believe that God has called you to victory
 Trusting in the Lord brings you this:
 A. It’s like your fuel energizes you
B. This is the basis of due diligence
 C. It is the foundation of patience
 All the foregoing
 You can do whatever God calls you because He is the one helping you or working for you to do it.  True hope is only found if you trust God and rely on him for the right job.  Goals need to be turned into plans, then into plans.  It’s a fun thing to think about when following a goal where your goal is taken out of your mind and put into reality or action.
 What you need to do now is say it’s the perfect day to do your job.  There is no purpose for us to be alone, which means we have to help and love each other in a way that works like the family of God.  

Many people want to help others achieve their goals only if they are shown its importance to the purposes and purposes of God.  The opinions of others may not be what God wants you to follow, but God can use someone else to provide you with ideas, plans, or answers that you think you need.

 If you are passionate about godliness and achieve the goal that God is guiding you, you will connect with it.  If something isn’t right for you to take it seriously, it’s not what God called you to do.  As you pursue God’s purpose, you are determined to save time, effort, and effort to achieve your goal.  Stay focused on what is important to God.
 The challenge we face is to control our fears rather than letting fear lead us to realize that we should not be led by fear.  

We must have faith in our hearts so that whenever we are afraid we can overcome it a hundred times.  Strive to be a strength rather than a weakness, God does not always come to you to criticize you but wants you to learn from your mistakes, uplift, forgive and even when you seek his forgiveness and walk in his strength  , his diligence and his faith.

 One of the best ways to be diligent is to read the Word of God and see how God has helped other people through difficult times, trials, and tribulations.  When one wants to burn the bridge behind him and break the rope to escape victory, he cannot be defeated.  God wants you to rely on him, he needs you to have the attitude to talk about him and to rely fully on him.

 God bless you!

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